Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sports Personality of the Year?

A few weeks ago I was absolutely convinced that Bradley Wiggins would win the BBC's annual poll as Britain's most popular sportsman after his triumph in France and his Olympic Gold. I could see nothing to challenge that. A week or so later and Mo Farrah had me on the edge of the sofa screaming at the telly as he kept the world's second best long distance runners at arms length for the whole of the last lap to secure double-Gold. Was Bradley such a shoe-in given the enormous public support for Mo?

We then had the astonishing spectacle of the Paralympics and a host of individuals whose stories and determination have captured the hearts of the nation. Maybe there were too many of them for any one of them to stand out and secure enough votes to win it?

Now we have Andy Murray following up his Olympic Gold with the first British Grand Slam men's win since before the War. Murray's Scottishness will cost him votes and I would argue that the fact there is a "personality" element to the award will also count against him, but what a performance! Methinks he will need to win Wimbledon in a much quieter sporting year!

Oh, and Zara Phillips will also be a strong contender again having appeared on TV as a member of our equestrian team.


Anonymous said...

How i would look forward to hearing Zara Phillips make another acceptance speech.
Wow, yeh, thanks, amazing, wow!

pete said...

Personality or not, Scots or not, It has to be Murray all the way for me this year.
Thought he was superb last night.

Anonymous said...

it feels like you almost need a few different categories of personality of the year to fi them all in!

Pembury Addick

Joseph said...


Anonymous said...

1. Murray
2. Farah
3. Wiggins