Sunday, 16 September 2012

Rick Everitt

It has yet to be confirmed but it looks like the "there's nothing wrong in the Boardroom" drama has claimed another victim in Charlton diehard Rick Everitt. If it's true then it's a sad day.

Rick has real integrity and is not a yes man. His outspokenness has served our club very well for over twenty-five years and he has made a huge contribution to the development of Charlton Athletic at personal cost to himself. If he has been sacked, then I think we are entitled to an explanation. He may have made a loose comment in the Summer that cast doubt on the Club's future but I believe it was subsequently qualified and, frankly, it's not a sacking offence in my book. There may be another, more justifiable reason but it would need to be pretty bloody good to convince me that it was a good move for my club.

What I do know, is that Rick Everitt will be a Charlton fan long after any of the remaining Board members have driven out of the gates for the last time. Richard Murray may no longer have the sway he once had but he must be cringing at what's been going on.

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