Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How not to qualify for international competitions

1. Appoint a defensively-minded ex-defender as manager
2. Ensure he has a mediocre club management record
3. Wonder at his novel 4-6-0 formation as the side fails to score
4. Support him as he refuses to work with one of the best striking prospects available to him because they were critical of the "no strikers" formation
5. Open your World Cup qualifying campaign at home with one upfront against one of the weakest sides you will face.
6. Refuse to make the glaringly obvious change that the fans are baying for until it's too late
7. Allow the manager to hang on to his position until it's mathematically impossible (spring 2013) and you can count all the supporters in the stadium in ten minutes


N22 Addick said...

Bit harsh on his club management record, he did win the LMA Manager of the Year Award in 2010!

I was excited when we went 1-0 down to see the type of reaction we could expect in the World Cup and overall it was VERY disappointing.

The worst part was when he bought Bertrand on for Baines! We had Lallana on the bench who is a goal scoring winger. Unproven at International level...yes, but give the lad some experience.

ChicagoAddick said...

Scotland and Wales have both had terrible starts. Trouble is knowing the games to come it may now be curtains for both. What would you do to change the Scottish fortunes Dave?

On paper at least if I include Fletcher (both Fletchers) then it is the best for some while. Outside of the excellent string of top/2nd flight managers (as they would never take the chalice) who would you appoint?

As an aside, I wonder how long the Welsh FA will wait until they sack Coleman?

Dave said...

N22 - LMA Manager of the Year Award in 2010? He became Scotland manager late 2009. Presumably this was for steering Dundee United to mid-table in the SPL? He was a complete flop at Leicester, and walked out on Raith Rovers (the team he supports) when a better offer emerged at Dundee United. I didn't say he was useless, just that he was mediocre!

England will waltz qualification. Not a bad point away in Ukraine IMHO. Ask a Celt....

pete said...

we were at Wembley!

Dave said...

CA - There's no silver bullet as Scotland manager. The choice of players is relatively small and the quality finite. There simply isn't enough money in Scottish league football to breed international players of the required standard. We are international minnows, make no mistake. But that's the reason we have to have a manager with ambition, tacyical nouse and the interpersonal skills to inspire his players and get the very best from them. WE may be short on good players but there is no shortage of good Scottish managers....