Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday 114th September 2012

I have a day's leave today which I intend taking in it's entirety.

I am taking my Niece back to Sussex Uni and moving her and all her stuff from Halls to a tiny room "in town." I committed to do this before the Palace game was switched to a Friday night and originally had visions of staying down, having a veggie meal and hanging with the kids or whatever they say now.

Instead, I am obviously desperate to be back in SE7 as early as I can. Trouble is, the letting agency won't give out any of the room keys until all six students have paid their deposits and completed their paperwork. Our appointment is 3.30pm and I can see me being in Brighton until close to 6pm. My pre-match drink looks doomed and I may be forced to park a mile away from the ground. The prospect of a jog to the stadium doesn't appeal either. All this and a great mate from Aberdeen is down for the weekend and the match.

Still, it's only Palace. It's not as if we are their rivals or that there is much at stake. They have bigger fish to fry. I didn't realise that Brighton had been in the Premier League for so long or that Millwall have ever been a bigger club than us. Having said that, maybe it's time we looked towards other London clubs as our rivals? After seven years in the top flight, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs were the big matches, with West Ham when they were up. QPR, Millwall, Palace and Fulham were irrelevant. We have recently moved on from Brentford and Orient and we should be looking to distance ourselves from the small fry in south-east London and the Nigels from above East Sussex.

Beating them again this evening would be a good start. Let's make it four in -a-row and let's remind them of what a nothing club they have become.

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