Friday, 28 September 2012


What a great weekend of sport coming up. The Ryder Cup in glorious 3D HD. Not as good as being there but as close as I am going to get. Mrs Peeps is off out wine tasting (guzzling) at the local school which will leave me at home with my own wine and the golf. I am going to savour every minute of it. 

We have a tasty home game tomorrow, more golf and then the finale on Sunday as the singles edge us towards an outcome. Ryder Cup golf is a spectacularly successful format. These guys are multi-millionaires who are used to high-pressure golf but the Ryder Cup is different. They desperately want to win for their team and they are acutely aware that every point is a step towards gloss or a stain on their professional record. The foursomes and fourballs are an aperitif for the singles. Invariably the hard-fought lead that emerges from the first two days can be quickly washed away in the singles and leave you wondering why all that golf was played for a slendour advantage, but the dividend often pays out at the finish when the gap between winner and loser is so tight you are reminded of the lead forged in the first rounds of battle.

The Yanks have been good losers in this event but they are bad taste winners. That's an enormous incentive for us retain the Cup and let them wait until Gleneagles in 2014 for another crack. It would cement a fantastic year of British sport and, who knows, it could throw up another challenger for the already fiercely contested Sports Personality of the Year.

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Ian Poulter anyone?