Thursday, 9 August 2012

Usain Bolt live

The end of the able-bodied Olympics is in sight and I am going to the athletics with my wife this evening. We get to see ten events as the curtain begins to descend, which will include the Men's 200m final when Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake fly before my very eyes. I always wonder whether today's sprinters would have beaten Alan Wells, my all-time Scottish athletics hero! On his day, he beat them all.

I am then off at the crack of dawn to Cyprus with the family for a well deserved break from work. I am not planning on doing much but I will be helping my mate clean a few pools most mornings before the sun has managed to get too high in the sky - bliss.

I am back for the Hull City home game but the football ante will have well and truly lifted ahead of that. My host in Cyprus is a true-blue Millwall fan and his circle of close friends include Swindon, Arsenal and several vocal Liverpool fans. We will be out for the live matches as the seasons opens and I will be sporting the new Andrews Air Conditioning shirt, the first I have bought for a number of years. let's see what the Scousers make of that!

There may have been more activity in the Boardroom than the Dressing Room during the Summer but things are shaping up at the ground as preparations for the new season ramp up. The long awaited replacement of the Club Badge on the back of the Covered End is finally in place and I caught it going up on Tuesday. Much as I loved the old stone one, this looks much better in my opinion.

Still time for one or two bigger name signings but it's looking like we are trying to stabilise the squad and manage costs as we enter the Championship rather than launch any realistic promotion push. In the circumstances, Four-Four-Two magazine's prediction of a 13th place finish is not unreasonable although I reckon we can do a bit better. 

Look out for the Charlton shirt  alongside the track this evening!

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