Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dorian Red

We needed another centre-half ahead of kick-off and one duly arrived in the shape of 24 year old Frenchman Dorain Dervite-Vaussoue (I suspect he will be shortened to Dervite or even DDV). 

I know nothing of this guy but he clearly impressed as a youth representing France at all levels to U21 and captured Spurs attention. A knee injury appears to have wrecked his big time hopes and he has spent time at Southend and more recently at Villareal after departing White Hart Lane. His knee remains troublesome, so we will have to hope he isn't planning on emulating Ledley King's playing (sic) career.

Good luck to those travelling today and hopefully we can avoid the bully boys of St Andrew's (I understand from Wyn's blog that they managed to brick the Barnet fams coach in midweek) and return with something on the board. I have a theory about Birmingham City "fans" and it's that they get away with so much physical intimidation and abuse of most visiting supporters, that they either expect that's the norm at away matches or else they are shit-scared of being recognised as the Bullies they are if they travel that they don't bother. I don't have the stats but their attendance whenever I have seen them over the years in London (not just the Valley) has been abysmal - much worse than even than us as a percentage of their home fan-base.

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