Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Charlton Athletic 2 v Leicester City 1

Cracking win last night. What a start to the season too eh? I had to return early from holiday yesterday and it felt a bit unreal arriving at Gatwick in time to make it to the Valley but having to miss the match.

Nonetheless, I received the key text updates from My Mate Pete and it was encouraging to see both Wright-Phillips and Kermorgant hit the back of the net as the Addicks took control and then saw the game out. I am encouraged too by the signing of Ricardo Fuller. He might not be the force he was when we nearly acquired his services several years ago but he has experience and should make a contribution. It also questions the currently strong rumour that there is a cash-flow crisis at the club. Admittedly we released Paul Hayes earlier in the week to Brentford, so perhaps it's like-for-like (I would have thought Fuller would be on more than Hayes?), but if we were likely to run out of cash by Christmas, you would think Jiminez would be pulling his horns in.

Anyhow, the fledging table doesn't lie and we are up to third! Bring on Hull City on Saturday.

Interesting to see how the other results are going in the Championship. Only one 100% record after just two games gives an immediate idea about how competitive this league may be this year. Millwall won at Posh last night and Palace fans have been spoilt already with ten goals in only two games.


Geoff said...

BWP and Kermit were both excellent. Latter had something to prove to the provocateurs in the Seed and did it in the best way. Nice to see BWP fit and interested. Great quick thinking for a corking goal.

Whole defence splendid although Wiggy tired noticeably in the final quarter. Our Achilles may turn out to be midfield where all but Pritch were totally creamed by 70mins and Sir CP should have subbed Stephens and Jacko ten minutes earlier than he did. Pritchard superb in first half and maintained standard in second until the workload arising from the non-functioning 3/4 of midfield slowed him. We still lack that "terrier" in midfield. Kerkar had too little time to show whether it might be him.


Dave said...

Thanks Geoff. Central Midfield is still the worry for me. It's looking like the game plan may be to play wider quicker to share the workload.

ChicagoAddick said...

I think we need to see Jackson move inside. Offensively he will still be a threat but his lack of pace may cause him problems defensively or put too much strain on Wiggins.