Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Charlton Athletic 1 v Leyton Orient 1 (aet 3-4 pens)

I said yesterday that a defeat on penalties wouldn't be a bad result in the scheme of things. Like you, I would have preferred Birmingham's 5-1 morale-boosting win but we don't want another match in this wearing competition. The pressure will be on our boys to bounce back on Saturday and avoid two straight opening losses. 

Sounds like the new trio of Wilson, Jordan and Kerkar played well enough but an upfront pairing of Wagstaff and Smith was clearly an experiment. I am expecting more steel for St. Andrews where Darren Ambrose will need to be clattered carefully shackled. 

We were in good company last night in going out early. My Millwall-loving host was equally philosophical but Saturday's result will reflect on last night's. It could have been worse, of course, imagine being four up and losing on penalties as Derby County managed at home to Scunthorpe.

I assume from the Sky updates that we only had the West and Jimmy Seed open - there was no-one in the background from the East Stand gantry. Five thousand, nine hundred paying customers was not too sad. Just a pity we serve up such drivel on these occasions. 

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Kings Hill Addick said...


The East stand was open and so was the North Lower. From my seat I couldn't really see how full the East looked, but the rest of the ground looked very patchy, but then it would with 88% of seats empty.

Great, entertaining game with the best possible outcome, in my view.

It was another night for me to look around and see how far the club (and The Valley) has come since we had a capacity of 8,337. The ground would have looked very full with last night's attendance back in 1992.

It's clear that, even with reduced priced tickets, there is no appetite for this cup competition, and I don't think many fans will be disappointed to see the back of it.

Roll on Birmingham, that's when it really stars!