Sunday, 15 July 2012

Welling United 0 v Charlton Athletic 4

We had visitors yesterday, so I gave the Welling match a miss. I have gone very cold on friendlies in recent years. They have officially become practice matches where there is no pretence of any real competition. Guest appearances, dozens of subs, different teams out for both halves etc. Having said that, Welling is the one I would normally make an effort for, especially if it was a curtain raiser in a month's time where fitness levels are higher and we would be more likely to see the first team.

As it was, the first-half side wore Welling down before the team who appeared after the break scored all the goals. I was pleased to see Michael Smith get a game and a goal. I'd like to think we get something from him, not just pay his wages for a couple of years before moving him on.

Elsewhere, it was a night of boxing. Amir Khan's glass chin was cracked again and his career in terms of any ambitious of being a reigning champion looks over at 26. In East London, the "grudge match" between Haye and Chisora was over after relatively quickly. Predictably, Chisora was finished off in the fifth round and we had the cuddling and words of respect between the two actors as the Boxing Smackdown played out.  Amazing to think the public would come in force to watch this - 30,000 there to see Del-boy knocked out.  Haye's quote after the fight that he "had sent a scary message" to the Klitchko's and the world of boxing. Nice try David but your career is following Audley Harrison's down the pan. I once thought you might be the real deal but you are too small to make it as a heavyweight and you have decided to cash in and avoid taking any unnecessary punishment. Panto at Christmas?

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