Friday, 27 July 2012

Sort it out Slater

News that Stephen Kavanagh has now resigned from the Board is a very concerning development following Peter Varney and Alex Newall. Something these three feel strongly about is clearly going on and we need to know.

It's not good enough for Michael Slater to say that Kavanagh has "simply resigned." The decision leaves just Jiminez, Slater and Murray on the Board and we are due an explanation. Richard Murray must be feeling very uncomfortable to be part of what is looking increasingly like an arrogant or weak ownership team given his previous Board history of Perestroika and his decision to pass the baton on to Jiminez and Slater.

The management and playing staff saw Barnet off 4-1 yesterday but it's the shenanigans by the men with little money that is by far the biggest news this morning. In the absence of an explanation we are again left surmising that the truth is unpalatable or even damaging to the club. 


Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

What a lot of ill informed drivel.
We have no idea what has actually happened and therefore hve no clue as to why. Speculation is pointless. Suggestions of disquiet or worse are idle gossip. Company directors are appointed and may resign for all sorts of reasons many entirely procedural. As for anyone outside that boardroom "having a right to know" nonsense. As spectators we have to sit tight and wait and see - even if we do learn any facts at any stage there is prcisely nothing we can do about it - just turn up as usual on 14 August

Dave said...

I am not a mere spectator! I care passionately about my club and believe It functions best when it communicates well with it's Customer base. When it stops doing that and Directirs resign unexpectedly one after the other, I have a right to be concerned and ask what's going on. There are plenty of ways to put minds at rest if there is no major underlying problem but ignoring the questions won't improve things.

ChicagoAddick said...

You spectate away Sciurrus. I suppose you were just spectating during the Selhurst days?

As a sstakeholder knowing that the boarrd sits on 10,000 fans season ticket money I think I deserve a bit more than a few lines in the SLP, but hey I guess you'll tell Rangers and Portsmouth fans to shut up and look forward to the first game of the season!

Scoops said...

The thought has crossed my mind to comment on my own blog at each turn of events as they have unfolded this summer, but I've kind of chosen to wait and see what actually is afoot. There are a whole bunch of permeations that we could surmise to.Both good, bad or indifferent.

I think besides the awful fall from grace on the playing side that we endured over recent years we've been extremely lucky in having the excellent board that we had from the announcement of our return to the Valley twenty years ago through to Murray recently passing the baton to the new mob. Who on the face of it last season seemed pretty progressive and were certainly central to the patience (in Chris Powell) and investment (in the completely new squad) of funds that saw us break so many records last term.

It's not the resignations that bother me so much of the lack of communication to the fans. It may be a case of there really is nothing else to communicate and it is simply a restructuring job to help facilitate the next step forward, but history tells us as Charlton supporters it's never an easy ride and has been generally fraught with incredible highs and desperate lows. Who can forget being saved at the eleventh hour, the Simonson signing, that piece of cheaply printed paper pressed into our hands telling us we were off to ground share at Sainsburys and those ensuing seven years.

I watch this space with both hopeful optimism and a bit glug of trepidation.

One things for sure, if it does all go sideways, looking at Rangers and Pompey, there's a whole lot more at stake these days. And as supporters we are more than entitled, if that is our want, to idly or otherwise speculate.

GLM said...

I am speculating here based on common sense. A property developer owns nearly half the shares in the holding company. There are discussions being held with the council about a new stadium on the Greenwich Peninsular. Nike running the club shop and are appearing all around the place and on the board shortly too. I would say the Valley to be sold off for housing and a new Nike stadium to house the club. As soon as I saw Tony Jimenez in the takeover names I feared for the Valley immediately.

Dave said...

GLM - It would take a particularly thick-skinned or naive person to acquire Charlton purely with the intention of moving it away to profit from the Valley. Our history, amongst all other clubs should sound a loud warning not to tamper with The Valley. If Nike wanted to invest in the naming rights of a football club, it would probably be with a club suitable of Nike's global status i.e. not us and they could do that without acquiring a club or building a stadium from scratch. I can't see their interest beyond business-as-usual shirt manufacture and sponsorship...