Friday, 6 July 2012

Peculiarly British days

Today is one of those peculiar days in the British calendar where we witness the annual disappointment of a unique phenomenon. Think "Flying Ant Day" or Summer Solstice. You know, the day when Flying Ants manage inaugural flight in their billions, only to be stamped on by our children in the playground in equal numbers. Like Druids celebrating the Summer Sun in it's highest annual position in the sky, like their ancestors for thousands of years - under 300 ft of cloud.

Well folks, today is one of those days. We don't know precisely when this one falls each year but embrace it nonetheless, it's "Wimbledon Mania Day." It's that special day when the home of Tennis puts it's Champion up for his, or very occasionally her, biggest game of the year and they lose honourably. Admittedly, this day has come slightly later in the year in the last decade or so. Tim Henman and now Andy Murray have managed to keep hope alive rather longer than Andrew Castle or Buster Mottram ever managed previously in the days when the Champion had to pass their racquet down the line to the next hopeful when they finally admitted defeat.

Not even our unique Summer weather will be able to postpone Andy Murray's special day today, now that we have a roof on Centre Court. No, he will play his match uninterrupted by the elements against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the annoyingly hard-to-dislike Frenchman. 

Whisper it, but this is the semi-final and if Murray wins he will be our first Champion in 74 years to play his final singles game on the second weekend of the tournament. He also happens to have beaten Jo-Wilfried on the last four occasions he has played him and Murray's game looks just about perfect. An-dy, An-dy, An-dy!


Anonymous said...

That made me smile Dave. Reckon those flying ants will need to learn the breast stroke!

Big divide in our house - my missus hasn't forgiven Andy for his "anti English" comments, but i conveniently have and like to sing that very annoying "here we go Andy here we go" to really annoy her!

Pembury Addick

Dave said...

PA - poor Muzza was very firmly tongue-in-cheek when he made that remark and the press have crucified him for it. If he can overcome the Ice Man on Sunday, it might be forgotten about nice and for all. An-dy, An-dy, An-dy!

Anonymous said...

He'l be British if he wins and Scottish if he loses :)