Thursday, 26 July 2012

North Korea on war footing

The Cock-up Games took another delightful turn yesterday when my compatriots managed to put North Korea on another war footing. With delightful irony, they managed to use the South Korean flag to represent the Bonkers State for their women's football team. The biggest surprise for me was that it wasn't the South Koreans who protested.

Presumably the software available at Hampden Park didn't contain the flag of Kim Ill Jong II's totalitarian nation so they decided South Korea was, literally, the nearest thing to it. Easy mistake to make but a tad more savvy and they could have used the Texaco flag from which a vague ancestor of Kim Il Jong based his nation's emblem.

After the ticketing fiasco, the Heathrow shambles, and the G4S embarrassment, this latest cock-up prepares us for the Opening Ceremony tomorrow evening. Fingers-crossed that it goes really well and the watching world can congratulate us as they tune in properly for the first time. We also need the Games themselves to pass off incident free if we are forget the bumps along the way. Does anyone else suspect Dwayne Chambers might be stupid enough to be using drugs again? What are they going to do, ban him? He will certainly need them if he is going to make much progress.

It's been another hectic week at work and I am looking forward to the weekend. I have the first Stag Do in several years on Saturday night when my good mate, Big Ben, prepares for marriage. On Sunday, I will be joining friends as we prepare for a meal and a few drinks by walking over the roof of the O2.

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