Thursday, 12 July 2012

Merde, il pleut!

The Summer continues to whizz by in a sodden haze. I am furiously busy at work (I'm not complaining, honestly) but have that tiny piece of satisfaction that I am not missing long hot days in the garden, or at least opportunities for an hour or two in the garden whilst getting particular pieces of work done (I am having to be in the office more frequently than usual). The long-term forecast looks better and I expect two weeks of unbroken sunshine from 10th August because I will be in Greek Cyprus living the life of an alcoholic lizard. In the meantime, it looks very much like a case of "merde, il Pleut!"

The Charlton Board remain schtumm over the hotly rumoured turmoil, although their actions so far would not suggest any immediate need to panic. Lawrie Wilson was a target for Peterborough and it looks very much like we had to find the sort of money for him that we simply couldn't have mustered in days gone by when the Grim Reaper has been at the door. As has been said already, the sale of a major playing asset could quickly turn the tables but, so far so good.

It was good  too, to see that the replacement of the crumbling club badge on the back of the Covered End has begun in earnest after the recent announcement that it was to finally be tackled. Rumour also has it that the players have had a whip 'round to have the potholes in the car park filled in following the damage to a number of Baby Bentleys and Range Rover suspensions during the season.

As you would expect, I am following the John Terry Case closely and was dismayed to hear some of the evidence recently. A conviction, in my humble opinion, is looking less likely. I was surprised that Terry's defence did not rely upon him saying he said something close to what is alleged but which removed the rascist element of it. Instead he has gambled on the fact that he will say he repeated the rascist insult in an ironic manner. The fact that it appears he was 26 yards away from Ferdinand at the time tends to defuse the intent and "harm" done that Anton is claiming. 

Finally, I got my hands on an Olympic torch this week. The idea for the travelling torch looks inspired given the thousands who have come out to see it and I was genuinely surprised how much excitement there is at even the presence of one of the 8000 torches. I may also have managed a couple of tickets for the athletics too, so my Olympic Huff may be subsiding after my complete disillusionment with the ticketing fiasco on a number of fronts.


ChicagoAddick said...

You bugger. I am still in an Olympic huff without any likelihood for change!

I too have followed the Terry case and think his defence of incredulity is going to work for him. Ferdinand's head it appears was turned quite some time after they both agreed it was two thick footballers having an on the pitch misunderstanding.

Geoff said...

Wouldn't have been much betting on a guilty verdict for the heavily-lawyered Terry. Let's hope that he doesn't get costs. Not entirely a waste of time as the man's character has had prime time exposure. Not a pretty sight/sound.