Monday, 23 July 2012

Countdown to kick-off

A little under four weeks to the big Championship kick-off at St. Andrews. The squad are back from their morale-building break in Spain and the hard work on fitness will begin in earnest this week.

Only two names added so far in Jordan Cook and Lawrie Wilson but, importantly, no big-name leavers and rumours abound surrounding other acquisitions. Sam Baldock being the most notable although he is being pursued by a host of other clubs and actually wants to stay at West Ham. He may go the way of several other names linked with during the Summer who appear to have passed us by.

Still no announcement from the club to explain what's been going on in the Boardroom or to alleviate concerns that we could become a crisis club again during the coming season. I have to believe that there is a plan and that we won't be forced into selling assets to pay the bills.

Back to yesterday, and how fantastic to see Bradley Wiggins win the Tour de France. He looked vulnerable for the last hour yesterday on the streets of Paris where he appeared bunched in the chasing pack and every time the camera caught a glimpse of his yellow jersey and helmet I had visions of someone sliding into him to bring him down to prevent him claiming what was rightfully his. No time for Wiggins to enjoy his victory as he returns home today to fine-tune his preparations for the Olympics. 

Chris Froome deserves enormous credit for coming second behind Wiggins and Mark Cavendish rubbed salt into the French wounds yesterday by rocketing clear to win the final stage. 

Then there was the Open and I am a little embarrassed to say I enjoyed watching the Aussie, Scott Adams, blow it in the last four holes. He came across as a real bore and something of a prig when interviewed this weekend. No doubt I may have read this wrongly but he had nothing to say beyond a monotonous obviousness and when he fist-pumped on 14 yesterday I was willing him to crash. When Big Ern slotted his last put to pull another stroke back, Scott wilted visibly. Cruel but compulsive viewing.

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ChicagoAddick said...

Yep, Adams teeth were just a little too perfect plus not keen on his caddie.

And Ernie will be a popular addition to the PGA Grand Slam in Bermuda in October.