Saturday, 30 June 2012

Greenwich Peninsula Cable Car

Thought I had better get off my backside and "do" something before I wallow on the sofa and exchange texts with my pal in Cyprus as Andy Murray sees off the challenge of Marcos Baghdatis. Only one thing for it then - a trip down to the newly opened Greenwich Peninsula Cable Car.
There and back in a couple of hours, the shortest part of course, was the crossing. It takes between 10 and 15 minutes outside of rush hour, although you do have to wonder who they think they are kidding if they will need to run the system faster before 10am and after 3pm.

The whole thing looks very impressive from the river-walk down from the Barrier. The structure is elegant and the cars are perfectly spaced and move at a very comfortable speed for watching. 

The whole site is completed, which was good to see with freshly laid grass and everything tidy and sparkling. The cars look like they could take ten, although most had four, six or eight loaded in. There was a lone passenger from the "other side" in ours when we got in and he happily told us he was on his fourth go around but had seen enough and was "off to the Fox."

I have to say it's a good ride and you can see everything you would expect to, although nothing was as close as I thought, if that makes sense. The Dome is near-by as you exit from Greenwich but it's still a way off and whilst you can see the new walkway and viewing platform over the roof, it's not close enough to be able to take a good picture with a camera-phone. Likewise the Olympic Stadium, the Anish Kapoor structure etc. Even the Valley isn't done any real justice although the white and red-spotted building on Woolwich Common for the shooting stands out.

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Phil said...

Thanks for this Dave. I hope to be in the Metropolis soon and will try and get on it then.