Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Goal of the tournament so far

Late working yesterday meant I missed the Czech's 2-1 victory over the Greeks and only managed to catch the second-half of the Poland v Russia match.

The news was dominated by unfamiliar scenes of other nations supporters swinging wildly at one another as local Poles attacked the insensitive Russian fans march to celebrate Russia Day. As a Scot who has "marched" en masse with fellow supporters to games on many occasions, I had a little empathy with the Russians but it was lost when I heard that they were carrying a banner that said "this is still Russia" or words to that effect bragging former 100 year mastery over the Poles. For now at least, we may reflect in a little holier-than-thou glory as our well-behaved fans continue to enjoy the hospitality in the Ukraine.

What I did see of the Poland v Russia match was pretty decent with both sides committed to winning and a stunning goal from Jakob unpronounceable after cutting inside his man and bending a powerful shot past the Russian keeper. The importance of the goal was evident on the faces of the celebrating Poles. Things in Group A looked delicately poised for the final matches and the authorities will be hoping a rematch between Poland and Russia is avoided in the later stages of the tournament.

Tonight we get the mouth-watering Netherlands v Germany tie after the Denmark v Portugal appetiser. I may miss the first one but should be on the sofa for the big one.


Anonymous said...

Dave, when you think of the nature of Russian "occupation" of Poland for decades until relative recent times, I have to say how tolerant the Poles have been. I know you Jocks think you have an axe to grind with English sometimes, but the Poles have some real grounds for feeling aggrieved. Some of the Russian fans' posturing is just a tad reminiscent of Germans' in the 30s in Austria, Czechoslovakia et al. We get our brass band banned, yet the Russians march through Warsaw like they still own the place!

On a totally unrelated subject, haven't the refs been lenient on slide tackles so far? (not sure the Greeks would use the word "lenient" though)

Pembury Addick

Dave said...

PA - Yes, they fought the Russians and Germans in WW2 and walked into communism afterwards. Scots hatred of England has more to do with Jimmy Hill than William Wallace.

Dave said...

PA - re the refs in the Euros, with the exception of Carlos Carballo in the Greeks first match, they have been pretty good on the basis that we haven't had too much to say about them...