Saturday, 23 June 2012

Germany in the semi's

We had company last night and were so engrossed in conversation that it took a call from Cyprus to remind us that the big game was well underway and that Greece had equalised; the locals were ecstatic. The Bravia was fired up just in time to see the Germans netting a second and within minutes it was all over as the lead was extended. 

Germany and Portugal are through to the semis and this evening it's the Spanish versus their northern neighbours from over the Pyrenees. The Spanish are the best side in the world for me and I expect them to step up like the Germans and play their way through to the last four and an all-Iberian encounter with the Portugeezers.

Absenteeism could be a nice problem on Monday morning, especially if England can find their way past Italy tomorrow evening. I will not be going out but the drinking plans of many are worryingly early and their could be some monster hangovers, come what may.

Like the rest of you, I suspect, the story that Sir Peter Varney is stepping down from the Board a year earlier than he intended does not sound like good news to me. The rationale that he has made this choice following promotion a year earlier than possibly envisaged seems odd too. There has been no comment from Peter which you might have expected in order to qualify this decision if he was entirely happy with it. That could just be timing but it could be because he is being deliberately tight-lipped. 

Bottom line here, as everything with  the current Board, is that the proof will be in the eating. Actions in the coming two months should tell us whether we have substantial and secure backing or, as many believe, that Mssrs Slater and Jimenez are flying by the seat of their pants and plate-spinning. 

No doubt SPV will tell us all in due course with his book if he feels his Boardroom career in SE7 has finally come to a end.

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