Saturday, 16 June 2012

England fight back

Late and hectic day so far, but great to see England come back from 2-1 to beat the Swedes last night. As I had a house full of women, my brother-in-law and I crept down to the Rose of Denmark for the first half. Sorry to learn that Kath and Dermot both finish their last session on Sunday. Kath is leaving to spend more time with her family and Dermot has decided to take a year off after 23 non-stop behind the counter. They have been exemplar professionals and will be sorely missed.

Anyhow, the half-full Denmark celebrated a classic striker's header from Carroll who powered home an excellent cross to take the lead. We decided on seeing what it was like in the Anti for the second-half. Slightly busier but still nothing like previous championships. This was a Friday evening after all. All of a sudden England were losing and I am not sure what happened. Milner was having a stinker and Young wasn't much better. With a tiring centre, England looked doomed but Theo Walcott entered the fray and a speculative shot caught the Swedish keeper flat-footed. He then set-up Danny Welbeck for an unlikely looking winner. All to play for against Ukraine and England must be hopeful they can go one better than most predicted and qualify. That will be an achievement in the circumstances.

This evening concludes Group A and both matches will kick-off similtaneously to prevent any draws of convenience. It won't matter in this group though as the only game that matters will be Poland v Czech Repulic, as the winners will join Russia in the quarter-finals. It could be a tasty affair and I will plump for home advantage. In the other game, I expect the Russians to send the Greeks back to their domestic chaos.


Mr_Chas said...

...the winners will join Russia.....ummmmmmm ;0)

Dave said...

Mr Chas - Sod's Law!