Monday, 4 June 2012

Bad Apples

Rio Ferdinand has never been a favourite of mine. He has been a quality player in his day but prone to to more than his fair share of clangers, particularly for an international player. However, I have to say that I have some sympathy for him in being dropped from the European Championships. He has reacted predictably strongly to missing out and is clearly narked that he hasn't been called up to replace the injured Gary Cahill.

Personally, I've never heard of Martin Kelly. Apparently he plays for Liverpool. Shows you how much notice I take of the Premier League when we have been living in the lower leagues. Kelly joins several others I don't really know and plenty more who simply aren't in the class of their predecessors of years gone by. Expect to be underwhelmed.

Back to Ferdie and my sympathy with him is because I believe the decision to exclude him has been made to accommodate John Fucking Terry. I will assume the Old Farts have had a hand but if it is purely Roy Hodgson's decision then I think it may come to haunt him sooner rather than later. Terry may be a consummate centre-half but he is a liability in a team environment as well as being a deeply unpleasant person. This is the man whose cheating nearly cost Chelsea their Champions League final place in being sent off inthe semi and yet got changed in Munich so he could appear in the photos as if he had played in the wining side - pathetic. We had the lesson with Wayne Bridge and his arrogance at losing the Captaincy. He appears in court next month accused of racially abusing the brother of his long-term England defensive partner, Rio Ferdinand. Obviously, the Jury is still effectively out on that one but it's pretty clear that Anton is determined there is a case to answer.

If Terry is found guilty, then surely his England career will be over and his selection and the problems it has already caused in the camp for these championships will look deeply flawed. Still, we can look forward to him getting a smack on the back of the head or even that big hooter of his outside a nightclub at some point in the future.


Phil said...

Dave, agree entirely with what you say. Terry shouldn't be selected for numerous reasons but especially when that case is hanging over his head. As you say I'm not sure if this is Roy's decision or not.
Whatever, if found guilty then, like Sheffield United and Ched Evans you have question why he was allowed to play for his club let alone his country. In any other walk of life you'd be suspended until the matter was resolved.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is a UEFA regulation that all players are required to wear their strip at the post match gong presentation.

Floyd said...

ANONYMOUS - key word that you use is PLAYER - JT wasn't (and in my book never was)

Floyd said...

ANONYMOUS - key word you use is PLAYER - JT never was (and in my book never will be).