Thursday, 17 May 2012

A tale of King Kenny

I was surprised yesterday to learn that Kenny Dalglish was shown the door by the ungrateful American owners at Liverpool. In fifteen months he had improved results, won their first trophy for a while (even if it was just the League Cup), brought them within a whisker of a domestic Cup double and lead them to eighth in the Premier League. That last statistic is probably his downfall, especially when you consider the £70m he spent on three English let-downs in Carroll, Downing and that bloke from Sunderland.I have to laugh as I see the Anfield Board are looking for a long-term replacement. My Arse! Their timing looks like a desperate attempt to get Roberto Martinez before he is snapped up by a smaller club. Unless they are going to pump in another £70m, it looks like history will repeat itself in twelve months time.

My connection to celebrity knows no bounds. Ten years ago, Carol Dalglish, Kenny's sister, was was my Finance Manager. Carol wasn't easy person to get along with, although I did better than most. At the time I was also a visitor to La Manga where friends had holiday homes and where Kenny himself had bought a place, so I was in the know with Carol!

One night in The Last Drop, the locals bar on La Manga, I was in company and a friend of mine had done a mate a favour that day by picking Kenny up from Murcia airport and dropping him off at his new place. Also at our table was the resident who had the franchise for all of the satellite dishes on the complex and who also had a share in the bar we were in. He told me that he was puzzled that Kenny hadn't been in touch about having satellite TV connected. Practically everyone had it, certainly all the Brits and Kenny was a prime candidate in his mind. 

I was out again within the year and I couldn't help enquiring if Kenny had now been in to see Paul and cough up for his service. No he hadn't and this was clearly puzzling Mr Satellite. About two years after this, I met Paul again and he was very pleased to tell me that he had resolved the mystery. Kenny had indeed been in and ordered the service. Paul himself had been out to oversee the installation and he discovered why Kenny had done without his services for so long. The Spanish woman next door had recently vacated her villa and had cancelled her service which Paul had stopped. When he got there he identified that Kenny had taken a feed from her place! What was really surprising was this meant that Kenny could watch satellite TV free of charge but only the channel that she happened to be watching. Kenny is known to look after the pennies - he never paid for lifts from the airport but I still can't quite get my head around the fact that he wouldn't pay to watch what he wanted on telly. I never quite managed to broach the subject with Carol.....

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