Friday, 18 May 2012

Second last Saturday

Our season may be over but the prizes elsewhere get settled over the coming two weekends. Tomorrow we get to revel in the "richest game in football" or whatever it's called when B'pool take on the Hammers at Wembley. I will be rooting for West Ham, in spite of looking forward to playing them next season. 

My ability to predict football results may be no more than average , although I did collect a £350 prize in a work competition for a Runners-Up spot this season! I am confidently predicting a West Ham romp tomorrow despite the fact that Blackpool have the most recent experience of winning  at Wembley. I wonder how few of that side under Holloway will be on the Wembley true tomorrow?

In the evening we then have the main event as the middle classes from West London descend on Munich for a nail-biter in which they look distinct second-favourites. Bayern have the advantage of playing the game in their home stadium and that should be significant. I am usually always supportive of one of ours in these finals but I can't find an ounce of support for John Terry and those spoilt, gobby Chelsea supporters. I am a little surprised having been brought up as a boy at Stamford Bridge with my Chelsea-doting Dad. We may just be left this season with memories of their outstanding victory in Barcelona.....

Strange, but maybe fitting for our season, that the last match of the season will be the League One play-off final, Saturday week. I suppose most of the countries journalists will be on holiday and the Football League Show will probably have finished! I won't miss the lack of media interest in League One next season. 

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