Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Normal service to be resumed in South London

After three years in the Twilight Zone, Charlton Athletic have league parity again with Millwall and Palace. We have continued to be the biggest draw south of the river for the 13th successive season attracting 17,401 on average to the Valley. This was 2182 more per home game more than Selhurst saw and 5917 (or 51%) more than the Lions could muster.

When you consider the larger number of travelling fans in the Championship, the actual gap in our support between us is even bigger and we can expect that gap to increase next season as the average Valley home gate climbs above this year's Championship average of 18,788.

If we can out-perform the pair of them, which doesn't look unrealistic given respective momentum, we should be able to increase that gap even further and once again look to target selling out our home matches. Being Number One in South London is a consolation prize when we spent the first seven years of this century challenging West Ham for fourth biggest club in London. In all fairness, West Ham would have needed a prolonged spell outside the Top Flght for us to overtake them and they have consistently been too good for that.

The good news is that a Bolton win at Stoke this weekend should see QP-Ha back where they belong and us effectively back at sixth in London and looking up.

Charlton forever!

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