Sunday, 20 May 2012

London calling

London clubs were the winners yesterday in the two big games. West Ham scored a first-of-the-season last minute winner to see off Blackpool and Chelsea beat the odds, the form and history to beat the Germans on penalties to finally hand Roman Abramovich the Champions League Cup.

I may be in a minority of Addick fans who was urging the Hammers on. Not sure where the antipathy towards them comes from. They may be our closest geographical neighbours but the river is a massive divide and I only remember our couple of seasons over there with fondness. We were shown respect and made to feel welcome. West Ham belong in the Premier League and we should find points easier to come by from Blackpool next season.

I started the Champions League match praying for a Bayern opener but finished the match willing Chelsea on. It was another game won from the back and the change in heart was easy after being reminded that a Chelsea victory would prevent Spurs from another crowing and boorish European tour. Poor Bayern Munich fans will be wondering how they failed to take a decisive lead having attacked Chelsea like the home side they were for most of the match. The stats showed that Bayern had five times the efforts that Chelsea mustered and a reflection on the Chelsea performance was that I hadn't noticed Mikel was playing until the second-half and Frank Lampard hardly touched the ball in normal time.

Petr Cech showed us why he has been the best goalkeeper on the planet since Peter Schmeicel and Didier Drogba confirmed his place as Chelsea's best ever striker. I grew up watching Peter Osgood who netted 103 goals for the Blues in 279 appearances. Didier finished yesterday on 102 in 227 and did it in the white-hot heat of the professional game against the best defenders in the world. Chelsea look like they need rebuilding throughout and have the thorny problem of wanting a more experienced and successful manager than Robert Di Matteo and yet appointing someone else would seem enormously disloyal and potentially short-sighted. 


Anonymous said...

got to say I was cheering on both London clubs yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed both gamers.

Got a soft spot for the Hammers and some good friends that support them.

Chelsea's triumph was outstanding. Napoli are a very good side, and we all know about Barcelona. Bayern were our tip to win, and playing at their own ground gave them another advantange. Epic win for Chelsea against the odds and thoroughly deserved. You can't win the Champions league on luck.

One question though - why were the Chelsea fans so quiet? They used to be one of the noisiest in the league until they becane succesful. Same as City really.

Pembury Addick

pete said...

I wasn't sure whach result I wanted in either game.Like you, I have nowt against the Hammers, but on the one hand I wanted an extra couple of London derbies next year, on the other hand I always want to see a London club in the top league (not Palace though, never Palace). Also, if rumours are founded, promotion for West Ham means we might see Sam Baldock on a season long loan at the Valley next season. Re Chelsea, usually can't stand them, but will always want an English team to prevail, although conversely, I would have liked to have seen them beaten so that Spurs get into the champs league, I like Spurs, don't know why but I do.

Suze said...

A gentleman after my own heart. The only difference being, my grandparents were West Ham supporters, being locals and having been at "that" FA cup final! The white horse one!

ThamesmeadIrons said...

Thanks mate. Blackpool had us on the ropes but we done it in the end. Just hope we can build on it & stay in the top flight. As for Chelsea. A great result. And stitching spurs up was even better. Rounded my day off nicely.

Anonymous said...

It was the Jermaine Defoe 'theft' compounded by the Tevez scandal (& let off by the FA cos they provided 3 of the 1966 team) that turned most of us against WHU. Before then WHU would get a cheer at The Valley if the half-time scores came through & they were winning. A glorious historical Club that has sold its soul to the devil like the rest. Expected more from them tbh but the atmosphere there has been steadily changing since the sacking of John Lyall.