Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hum-drum Brum

Randy Lerner's losses at Aston Villa got even bigger yesterday as he moved to sack Alex McLeish. Big Eck was his fourth manager in less than two years and he never managed to overcome the Boo Boys who weren't going to accept a former Birmingham City gaffer. Having once met McLeish via a mate over a meal in an Aberdeen restaurant, he has always seemed more human to me than most. He didn't get a rub of the green at Villa Park but at least Lerner had the decency to give him the season.

The soothsayers have already began predicting the next likely candidate for Mission Improbable and our our Alan Curbishley is again being mentioned in dispatches. I have commented before about the relatively small number of managerial jobs that are realistic options for AC and this is one of them although he probably wants a safer bet for a return to management than the hot-seat here.

The City of Birmingham is going through the footballing doldrums. With Wolves (ok Midlands) going down and the Blues falling in the Play-Offs, only Villa and the Baggies are left in the top flight. Villa fell like a stone in the second -half of the season and escaped relegation by three points. They are in a mess and it will require another large chunk of Lerner's cash to reverse the decline. Having lost the miracle worker in Martin O'Neill, who never looked entirely comfortable with his American owner, it's really hard to imagine who might accept the job who you believe could change things significantly.

West Brom have over-achieved under Woy Hodgson and I can't imagine them improving on their tenth place finish next season. Birmingham and Wolves should compete again in the Championship next year but there is as much chance of Villa or West Brom dropping out as there is of of the other two getting promoted in my humble opinion.

Sheffield United made Wembley last night and Huddersfield will surely do the same this evening where Jordan Rhodes can score his 40th goal of the campaign. The talk may be of where Rhodes will go but Town fans will be more concerned about what happens if they find an adequate replacement for the man who has scored 60% of the league goals.

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Anonymous said...

its not where mc clesh came from its the shite football he produced it was dire