Monday, 14 May 2012

The curtain's coming down

Sheffield United play Stevenage this evening and the result will determine who goes to Wembley to face Huddersfield Town, who I can't see surrendering a two goal lead at home to MK Dons tomorrow night. A Yorky derby should provide some added spice to the play-off final.

Meanwhile, the footballing nation held it's collective breath yesterday around 4.55pm as Man City won the Premier League title in dramatic fashion. Cruel on United whose fans were busy celebrating at Sunderland. Let's face it, it was good to see them suffering for a change.

QPR escaped a the drop and I have to say that their impressive home wins over some of the Big Boys probably warranted it over a drab Owen Coyle Bolton side who have overstayed their top flight welcome. It means another northern trek next season and in spite of the possible excitement of a five team London Championship, our hopes of promotion are likely to be better with fewer London derbies.

Finally, a word for that low-life Joey Barton. His sending off will likely be glossed over amid the excitement and importance of the outcome of the match in Manchester but he showed, if there were any doubters left, what a no-mark he is. Having been sent off, he simply couldn't contain his anger and tried to get away with kneeing an opponent in the scrum as he left the field. Oh how I would have loved to have seen one of City's lumps knock him spark-o, but that would be stooping to Barton's level and lack of professionalism. Barton can thank his lucky stars he can play football because he would surely be locked-up with his brother otherwise.


Ed said...

Hopefully it will stop the Guardian fawning over him as if he were some sort of Che Guevara.

Anonymous said...

re barton - he has had his chances in the past i read he may only get a 9 match ban. in my opinion a season long ban should be mandatory for someone lime him.

ChicagoAddick said...

His Twitter comments last night were incredible as he suggested that he was trying to goad City players "so he could take one with him."

Later he started slagging of Alan Shearer, who he is frankly not fit to clean his boots.

He just thinks he is beyond reprisal and some sort of intellectual. Thick as shit. Bloke's a scumbag.

Dave said...

Tony Fernandes was embarrassing on Radio 5 today when challenged about Barton's performance yesterday. He wasn't prepared to look at the "rights and wrongs" of what happened because QPR were celebrating their Premier League survival and the announcement of a new training ground. I suppose that amounts to logic from a bloke who also spoke about the "many highs as well as the many lows" of their season. Could be forgiven for assuming they had an average season and finished mid-table rather than having sacked the man who got them there and ended up hanging on by the skin of their teeth because Bolton were so poor.