Friday, 25 May 2012

Any ideas?

I saw the attached pennant on sale on Ebay and bought it for a tenner. It was hard to tell from the photo whether it was a genuinely old souvenir and the detail was sketchy. Those of you who saw it via Charlton Life (like me - thanks Henry) may have been distracted by the fact that the picture was taken on what appeared to be the lap of a woman wearing stockings and suspenders.

Anyway, it's duly in my possession and I am very pleased. It looks genuine and I am left questioning the badge which shows three robins on a black football with words "Charlton Athletic FC" running around the edge. The Robin was our club emblem when we won the F A Cup in 1947 and I believe the sword and "The Valiants" were introduced in the early 1960's. So I am thinking this predates 1960 and could be much earlier. It is well made and in good condition and I am wondering if it may have been an official club item, the sort of thing which may have been handed over at kick-off to opposing teams. Can anyone shed any more light on it or the badge?


Anonymous said...

You could have posted the pict with the woman on as well ;)

John Walker said...

Hi Mate
I have got exactly the same also bought on e-bay about 8 years ago can't remember what I paid for it.It does look good Take care John W

Dave said...

Anon - I was emptied but don't do cheap shots or gender stereotyping. Here's the link though!

Anonymous said...

I've got one too. The guy I bought it off said it was 1964. Which sounds about right, I paid £5 about 3 years ago.