Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Robinson v Rosler

I watched the Football League Late Show or whatever it's called last night. Very rare for me to be up at 11pm watching television and certainly not this football-minus-Charlton show. Interesting to see that the media League One blind-spot even seems to extend to the Football League show. 

Last night they managed to give us the round-up of the south-east Championship clubs and then moved straight to League Two for no apparent reasons. Still, they did show League One before the credits and started with our match against the O's. The host made the ironic statement in introducing the Charlton highlights that "we have seen a lot of Charlton on this show" or words to that effect. Credit to the cameraman for resisting any laughter shakes. Perhaps our top-of-the last division showing was due to our illustrious opponents?

Anyway, if you didn't see the programme, you will have missed a bizarre post-match handshake between Karl Robinson and Uwe Rosler. Rosler was apparently upset by Robinson's comments after dropping two points at Griffin Road in the earlier fixture that compared the Bees style of play to Wimbledon of old. Anyway, when they shook hands on the touchline on Saturday after the Bees stung the Dons, Rosler  deployed the Vulcan Death Grip and it looked like he had combined the vice-like shake with an electric current of some kind. Whatever it was, Robinson reeled left and right and tried to duck out of the shake but Rosler was determined to make his point and his counterpart squirm. Excellent it was. I've had a quick look on You Tube but nothing there as yet....


Phil said...

I saw that too Dave but on the East version of the programme which is presented by Matt Holland incidently. It was very funny. You should be able to see it via I-player on BBC website under the sport category.
Robinson is an irritating t**t and always has lots to say although not so much of late....I wonder why ! He's forever moaning about decisions not going their way etc. I think it's John Gorman who's the brains in the MK outfit, Robinson would be lost without him.

Dave said...

Thanks Phil.