Monday, 30 April 2012

Oh my Gawd!

I don't know why we are all surprised, but the FA have seen fit to over-rule the clamour for Harry Redknapp in favour of a man well-qualified to do the job but who already looks holed below the waterline. All of the high profile players have come out asking for Harry and they now find that his Dad will be calling the shots. Terms have yet to be agreed but you can't see Roy Hodgson demanding the wages of his predecessor or making any demands the FA wouldn't meet.

Poor Roy has done nothing wrong in all this but he will increasingly be seen as the man who stopped Brian Clough Harry Redknapp from becoming England Manager and winning the European Championships. Harry was always going to be a high risk appointment, although his smirking clearance of tax evasion looked like it had paved the way. The Fossils at the FA have remained true-to-type and they have gone for the Y-Fronts rather than the Speedo's.

I have always liked Roy and will wish him well. He purports to hail from Croydon but his accents betrays the fact that he was raised the adopted son of a Kosher Jewish family in North London. Maybe Roy would secretly prefer Harry's current role and a job swap could be arranged?


Anonymous said...

roy hodgson is far better qualified in ingternational football than 'barrow boy' Rednapp I am pleased the fa have gone for someone with an 'overseas' pedigree

ChicagoAddick said...

"The Fossils at the FA have remained true-to-type and they have gone for the Y-Fronts rather than the Speedo's."

Quote of the Day.

Scoops said...

I think There are one or two pertinent points you've overlooked Dave.

Besides the fact that Redknapp is actually old enough (just) to be Hodgson older brother rather than a generation younger. Hodgson has been 'at it' an awful lot longer than Harry. He''s won 13 major trophies (meaning top flight or main cup competitions in various countries throughout Europe). This against Harry's one, the fa cup against a second tier side.

I've no doubt Harry is a good manager, but I think perhaps many have been blinded by his 'geezerish' charisma. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Hodgson is a much better alternative.

One thing is for sure. Besides his experience, Hodgson is a value for money option. (out of contract in July, so basically free, reminds me of another appointment made in the football world about 18 monthes ago, that to be fair could have gone either way, but was infact a resounding success).

What bothers me is the dishonest spin the FA put on things, intimating that this is a long term appointment with a long term game plan for England in mind. Let's be honest, either Harry or Roy could be struck down with dementia at any given moment. (I'm sure some scouters would argue that Hodgson already has).

All in all an opportunity missed by the FA to do something bold and put a management team in temporarily for the championships. And actually give the instruction to pick and send a development side out to the competition with one eye on building something exciting for The next world cup.