Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Looking up

It was a couple of years ago that I lost interest in the Premier League and I have never had that much for the Champions League, save the odd exhibition match or the final. Since we secured our return to the Championship, however, the Premier League table sits just above us and the relegation battle is now of real interest as we will face he losers next season; chances are we will be pitted against one of them in the Opening Day fixture.

This evening I have been watching the Barcelona v Chelsea game whilst surfing for updates on the Villa v Bolton tussle. First, credit to the Chelsea ten for one of the best defensive performances the Champions League has ever seen. I'll gloss over the sending off of the no-mark John Terry for his sly knee in an opponents back which he thought he would get away with. Remind me, this is the arrogant shit who thinks he deserves to captain his country? I trust he will, at least, miss the final for his stupidity. I'm pleased too that Fernando Torres eased it for Chelsea at the death with a breakaway equaliser, the sort of goal he's failed to score since leaving Liverpool. What a story this season could turn out to be for Roberto Di Matteo.

Meanwhile, in a match more recognisable to us mortals, Bolton Wanderers got the win I hoped they would at Villa Park to maintain the pressure on QPR. In spite of some unlikely looking home wins in recent weeks, QPR remain in Deep Doo-Doo and the have to go to Chelsea and Man City in their last three games. It would be good to play them next season and relegation is nothing less than they deserve for the premature sacking of the man who got them the promotion others failed to achieve. It would also serve as a salutary lesson for their new Chairman who thought he could buy safety with Mark Hughes. Even if Rangers' stay in the PL is extended for another season, there is also the delicious, if unexpected, prospect of Villa dropping down to pay us a visit.

Exciting times all round.

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