Sunday, 22 April 2012

Charlton Marathon Runners

Just back from watching the London Marathon from outside the Rose of Denmark. Spotted four Charlton fans running; two carrying 'Charlton Promoted' flags, one in the away shirt and another I recognised as an Addick and I glimpsed his 'CAFC' socks! I missed Michael Slater, so that' was five at least. If you fancy it next year (watching), they make a big effort at the Rose and it's a great way to start a Sunday.

I noticed Sam Bartram sporting a Demelza shirt as I walked back passed the ground. I guess we are getting ready to go 'dotty' at the Hartlepool game...

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Marco. said...

Marathon day is always one of the best for us 'locals'.
I wouldn't say our area has a huge amount of community spirit but for one day a year, it really does *feel* as if it's the most friendly and caring place in London.
We were standing near to the Pickwick and also commented on the CAFC flags going by.

On an unrelated topic, did you realise your blog has been changed from a .com address to a
Mine has too.
I don't remember being asked, or even told about it.