Thursday, 19 April 2012

Be there for the Champions

A much awaited home game on Saturday. One where I believe we will be crowned Champions of League 1 by thrashing Wycombe Wanderers and seeing Sheffield United wave the white flag at Milton Keynes.

Wycombe could effectively be relegated if they lose but that would need the unlikely scenario of both Leyton Orient and Walsall winning. I expect them to live to fight another day, although it may be uncomfortable viewing for a work colleague and the three boys he's bringing over. 

Interesting to see that Charlton have shown no sentiment or compassion in refusing to allow Gary Doherty to turn out for the Chairboys as they battle to avoid relegation. I guess we have considered worst case scenario in which Doherty scores a Wycombe winner and it potentially costs us a trophy. The cries of "how stupid" would be deafening. There is also the point that it might be unfair on Wycombe's rivals although I suspect that was probably mentioned in passing. So, they will be forced to play two teenagers in central defence. Lump on Bradders (or Yann) for the opening goal.

I understand we should threaten the 20,000 mark on Saturday and that the Hartlepool exhibition will be watched by a 27,111. A fantastic and fitting way to end a record breaking season. If we can beat Wycombe and win at Preston, we will also have the opportunity in the Hartlepool match to break the League One points total record of 101 held by Fulham who broke it in 1999. I am hoping that there is enough incentive here to prevent any sloppy end-of-season displays which often follow hard on the heels of having achieved the main objective.

Unless you have a better offer, like a weekend partying in a European hotspot, there will be no better place to be on Saturday afternoon. 


Bladesman said...

Can't see us (United) "waving the white flag" at MK Dons...there's as much chance of that as there is of relegation threatened Wycombe winning at the Valley.

Over the season though Charlton have been consistently better than the rest so you'll win the title - just not on Saturday.

See you in the Championship!


Dave said...

Bladesman - I just think MK will have too much fight for you. I'm sure you will maintain your "biggest club in Sheffield" tag by deservedly joining us in the Championship. I tipped you for the title pre-season but didn't reckon on Powelly throwing a double-six. Best wishes.