Saturday, 17 March 2012

Farewell Leon

Journeyman Leon Clarke's brief spell in SE7 came to what looks like an end yesterday as he was loaned out to Crawley Town for the rest of the season. I am encouraged by this news. It's more evidence that Chris Powell can see when something is not working and is willing to act. Too many managers in similar positions persevere in a bid to be proven right in their initial decision to take a player and to prove their point to their Board. It would have been easy for Powell to say "I'll give him to the end of the season" but an opportunity has obviously presented itself and he has been big enough to take it. It's also a sign that he is actively preparing for next season.

It will also send a signal to the rest of the squad that players need to perform and deliver when they represent the first team. Clarke, I am sorry to say, simply didn't do anything in his seven appearances. Maybe harsh on the basis that six of those were from the bench but he didn't manage to add to the 9 goals he scored for Chesterfield earlier in the season and I can't even remember one telling contribution. 

Perhaps with more games he might eventually have begun to score for us but he looks like another lower league striker in the shape of Benson, Hayes & Co, none of whom could be relied upon to plunder the goals we will need in the Championship.

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