Sunday, 4 March 2012

AFC Bournemouth 0 v Charlton Athletic 1

The result we were all expecting but not the performance. Our boys were on the back foot for most the entire 90 minutes and had the temerity to sneak a late, late winner. When you are top of the table, it all seems to go for you.

A much anticipated day out was immediately spoilt upon arrival in Bournemouth. Having travelled for 100 odd miles to meet a fellow Addick who had flown across the Atlantic Ocean to be there, we were bluntly informed that his son wasn't welcome in our chosen boozer (The Goat and Tricycle). How ridiculous in 2012? Pubs are on their arses and we still have laws from the Middle Ages. That caused an immediate problem as one of our crowd had specifically travelled to sample the ale. 

I am no fan of J D Weatherspoon's but they understand how to attract Customers - they have realised that banning some on grounds of age will limit their revenue. Anyhow, a few pints of Adnam's finest at the Moon and Sixpence and we were ready for the match. 

I was seated with the home fans further down the stand from majority of the Addicks with Mexico City Vic who was now carrying 22 sticks of rock. A small price to pay for a work trip that encompasses two Charlton games. 

It was the first choice line-up but we played most of the match in our own half. It would be easy to say they were all over us but we didn't look unduly worried at any point and in spite of their possession They only mustered a couple of clear chances, the bestow which fell to Harry Arter late on but he slotted wide. McDonald, Malone and McDermot stood out as Bournemouth took the game to us in blinding sunshine. Interesting that I pick out three midfielders and yet can't name one of their forwards.

After the break and kicking towards the car park, I thought the weight of Addicks at either end of the two sides might encourage us to attack more, but it didn't really happen. Deep into injury time we somehow managed to force an opportunity and whilst it didn't appear to go in, the ref signalled for a goal immediately. The Abbey Wood boys I met in the British Legion after the match were adamant it crossed the line. Between us we argued whether it was Morrison, Jackson or Kermorgant. I heard Jackson credited as I walked out but Kermit's been credited. It matters not, of course, it's just another three points.

How we laughed too, when we heard the other results! Seventeen (17) points clear of third and the guessing game over which will be the promotion match can begin in earnest. As I was saying, promotion in March is looking distinctly possible and the Huddersfield (a) or Leyton Orient (h) games are current favourites. Whilst we all relish promotion at an away ground, it would be good to do it front of a full house at the Valley. 

Two home games to come and all I ask for is relaxed and attacking football. The results should take care of themselves and we could be three or four games away from that long overdue promotion that would finally end six years of misery. Let us pray.

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