Monday, 20 February 2012

Promotion March

Before Sheffield Wednesday entertain Sheffield United on Sunday, we get to play two donsecutive home matches and could reasonably expect to have acquired a 17 point lead over Wednesday. Huddersfield could make up ground but the bottom line is we could be effectively be crossing off the last six games of the season. That gives us every prospect of sealing promotion during March.

I do not expect Rochdale to halt the procession tomorrow nor stay on even terms for long after 7.45pm kick-off. Their away form is reflective of a side 23rd in the table and a club who have never won at the Valley look like their wait will go on for at least another couple of seasons. I am desperate to see us give someone a good hiding and having said we wouldn't get a better opportunity than two up against ten men at half-time last week, maybe the chance will come sooner than expected. Tomorrow night is no time for a wobble.

Stevenage looked decent on Sunday against Spurs and they are flying high right now. However, we owe them for one of our two league defeats and I was very confident after slipping up at their place that we would batter them at home. If we can get a confident winning performance under our belts tomorrow night, I would hope we can play some football on the deck against Stevenage and secure the points to increase the gap on third.

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Anonymous said...

Completely agree. We have been at our most fluent when Hughes and Hollands were in midfield. Hughes played the defensive anchor role brilliantly leaving Hollands the freedom to get forward and score goals. At the moment neither Stephens or Hollands are working like that and it severely limits us offensively.

Not griping at Powell but I think having Wiggins right back took away one of our most effective attacking options and I would be been inclined to start with the same defensive formation that we ended with.

On the positive - still unbeaten - but the serial moaners are beginning to resurrect themselves and the more the crowd moan the more we lump it forward to Kermogant. Good as he is we need to play football on the ground and use guile and speed over brawn and muscle because it is not working - clearly.

Stevenage takes on more importance and 3 points with a bit of style would make everyone forget this and MK Dons match.