Monday, 9 January 2012

Quick, Panic, React

I have been awaiting the news we received yesterday on Neil Warnock for a couple of months. It's come slightly earlier than I anticipated but his outburst about officials last week gave the first sign of desperation as his side has slid towards the mire. The QPR board are acting swiftly and are obviously keen that a new manager gets to spend what they have in the transfer window and that they throw a double-six in the process and can avoid the fated drop. 

Mark Hughes is a hot favourite for the position having found a niche in West London. Presumably he will finish his managerial career at Brentford. At 1-2 with the bookies I assume there is knowledge of behind the scenes negotiations and that Sparky is close to a deal. However, if they find themselves short of an agreement, I am sure Mr Alan Curbishley will have a polished CV waiting for this one and that his 16-1 odds would shorten. Assuming he doesn't get the job here, you have to wonder if he will ever get back into management. The longer his spell out, then the greater the likelihood that he might one day consider the job back in SE7, although we all hope and pray that Chris Powell has a long time ahead of him as things stand.

Back to the not-so-super Hoops and a change of manager might just to the trick but if they don't get a bounce in results then I suspect they will find themselves well and truly in the whirlpool and heading for the plug-hole. I'm no great fan of Neil Warnock but after gaining them promotion, he has, once again, been treated shabbily in my opinion. Neil looks like a decent Championship manager who struggles to make the transition, although the clubs who take him are those desperate for promotion but never likely to trouble the elite. I look forward to playing the mighty R's next season as their side collapses and they fight another rearguard action.

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