Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Season Ticket Bargain

I learn this evening from my mate, Kings Hill Addick, that the new advanced purchase deal on next year's season tickets are out. Not sure why I haven't had an email from the club or why the news is tucked away under the "tickets" tab on the OS but it's out anyway...


I wasn't incentivised sufficiently last year to renew early and on the basis that I was going to have to pay more, I hung it out. This year the deal is markedly more attractive. If you can cough up before Easter, the deal is renewals at last year's early-bird prices. The club is not counting it's promotion chickens but if you invest early the chance are we will be watching Championship football for less than anyone else. "Nothing can go wrong now!"

1 comment:

Kings Hill Addick said...

"Yeah, and this is going to be the best ever Christmas in Walford.!"