Saturday, 31 December 2011

Leyton Orient 1 v Charlton Athletic 0

A New Years Eve message of hope for the rest? No not really, more a case of the Sky curse again and having to play the majority of the game with ten men. Shame really, but these things happen and you have to move on, which I am sure we will, on Monday.

Hamer's sending off was controversial, he looked out of the box to me but I was down at the far end of the Charlton side and I think the bigger question was did it hit his arm? Makes little difference because he saw red and we had to reshuffle. I was pleased with the 4-3-2 as opposed to a 4-4-1 but it didn't really work. We were short on pace with Russell, Hollands and Jackson and it looked much better in the second period when Pritchard came on and we changed formation.

The O's went on to boss the first half and they played like we were two men down, not one. The goal, when it came looked like it took a deflection as it bobbled up and came off the underside of the bar. Chances were always on an ex-Addick scoring but I hadn't figured on Matt Spring. You have to wonder whether or not they might still have edged it with eleven men?

We looked better after the break but didn't do nearly enough until the last fifteen minutes (including added time) to deserve a point. Disappointing all-around but sometimes you have to take it on the chin.

I was saddened to see Charlton fans at each others throats late on over the singing of "the Kevin Lisbie song." It was the first time I had heard it and it was only being sung by a dozen or so behind where I was sitting but one Charlton fan took vehement objection to it and several overs leapt to his defence when things boiled up. The Stewards were required but it was all so unnecessary and, frankly, embarrassing. I try to live and let live and remember my own youth (stupidity) but it's sad to see, especially when this and the Addams family song upset so many of our own fans. Perhaps we do need to stamp it out?

I understand there was also another incident amongst our own fans further along the stand in the first half, although don't know what sparked that - I hope we've sorted it out before there are 7000 of us at Fulham next week.

Anyway, off to enjoy a glass with Mrs Peeps before the bells.

Happy New Year!


newyorkaddick said...

It has become increasingly apparent in recent seasons sadly that some real lowlives follow us away from home, especially to local fixtures. It's the reason that I now watch us from the home 'main stand' when going to away games.

Herek Dales said...

Thanks for the good work with the blog. Regarding the two incidents with 'Charlton' fans having a go at each other, the one in the first half was sparked by a couple of clowns who could hardly stand slagging off the team. A couple of true supporters suggested that clear off back to Palace.
The 'Lisbie' song offended many people. These low life's have no place at Charlton. Point to note is that both these incidents were in the 'pay on the door' section. We always used to attract some floating scum when playing derbies or 'bigger' clubs and still do. Stevenage was another game where we seemed to have more than our usual number of Neanderthals.
I myself have calmed down considerably over the years so I know what it's like to be a little hot headed. We need everyone to get behind the team. The knockers and the racists need to stick to their own clubs, Millwall need all the support they can get!
Happy New Year to all the real supporters. Three points tomorrow will be a great start to 2012!

Suze said...

Having watched it on telly, I didn't hear, see or know of the stupidity of some "fans". Regarding the sending off...maybe right...could be wrong, the ref was so fast with the whistle and unsighted I'm not sure he gave the benefit of doubt. Arched body shape, hands raised...feet outside the box but ball maybe over the line...difficult! With ten men it was always an uphill contest, as they were bound to throw even more at us than we were likely to get thrown anyway with so many ex Addicts playing. I doubt if they'd have won if we had the work ethic of Wagstaff still on and the experience of Hamer, also their goal was deflected over Sullivan, and we've seen some strange results this weekend.

Addicktedrichard said...

I was the Charlton fan who took vehement objection and felt I had to make a stand .I was pleased by the support I received from the adjourning block.

It might be embarrasing to have stewards involved i9n such trivia but allowing racist songs to go unchallenged is even more shaming.

The Lisbie song is racist and therefore unacceptable for a club like ours with a proud record of anti racism to have supporters singing , others like the Addams Family are just embarassing and pathetic.

Against Halifax I could hear the Lisbie song being clearly sung on ITV.

What would Chris Powell feel about some of our so called fans singing such songs ?

Yes it does need stamping out if we wish to remain the Club with the proudest anti racist record.

Dave said...

Richard - I hadn't heard the song before and the words I heard were offensive (not rascist), although I will take your word for it. You were certainly not alone and I think your action will deter those who started it. I have heard the Addams family song being sung for at least 7 years and I cringe every time. It's not big and it's not clever but I have to say, there were times early on when it was sung pretty much en masse by our away following.