Thursday, 22 December 2011

Goodwill to all men?

Tis the morning after the Office Party. We still call it that but as most of us work from home, it should more accurately be called the Boss' Office Party as he's the only one with an office in Ivory Towers.

With a dozen or so direct reports making journeys from afar (Leicester, Brighton, Worthing, Romford etc) he selflessly chose a pub and restaurant close to London Bridge so that he was on his train line for Bexleyheath. No complaints here of course, although by the end he, predictably, insisted on a cab. The evening was pleasant enough but one of those where I got to know the colleague sitting opposite more than I have done in the last 18 months I have known him and it was also his last day before retirement. Indian restaurants hardly evoke the Christmas Spirit but the menu was unusual and the "Indian Shepherds Pie" was excellent.

So, thoughts this morning turn finally towards Christmas and, er, the things I have to get. I'm still working and have stuff to do but most everyone else has finished so I am not expecting to be hampered too much. It's a Christmas weekend of course, so we can "forget" about football until Monday and as that is an awkward and unpopular trip south-west, for the vast majority of us it will be a week yet until we see the action from Brisbane Road or the Barry Hearns Matchbox Stadium or whatever they call it now. I will be making the trip over the water but am short of takers at the moment to accompany me. I hope we fill our allocation for the viewing audience. Sky TV eh?

Whatever you are doing, season's greetings and best wishes (Promotion) for New Year. Special thanks to those of you who take the time to respond to my Bloggings. Talking to yourself for prolonged periods is unhealthy.

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