Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Kermorgant OK

That was the main news yesterday in the wake of ending Huddersfield Town's 43 year (sic) unbeaten reord. Chris Powell explained on the OS that Yann had suffered no more than a twisted ankle and shouldn't be out for too long. Paul Hayes is an able deputy against the likes of Carlisle and Walsall, so I expect Yann to be soaring through the air against Oldham if he doesn't make the Walsall game.

The London Sub-Standard must have been desperately short of Sports news yesterday because we made the back page for the first time in a number of years. Shame then that the article attached that referenced the game was written by a hack who clearly didn't even watch the game on Sky and instead chose to comment based upon the fact that we were two up at half-time and on Ephraim's comments that we had played better in recent games. He managed to describe Huddersfield first-half performance as "abject" and something to the effect that we weren't at our best. Pathetic really but I guess London fans outside the PL shouldn't be surprised.

Good luck to our neighbours Palace as they head of to a thoroughly deserved League Cup game at Old Trafford this evening. They haven't managed a goal in five games but their focus will be on conceding less than the nine they famously let in on a similar visit to Anfield. Good old Perry Suckling. Envious? You bet.

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Scoops said...

One of my all time favourite Charlton songs...'one goal went past Perry, went past Perry Sucking,1 goal 2 goal 3 goal 4 goal 5 goal 6 goal 7 goal 8 goal 9 goal and the Kop, went past Perry Suckling' Happy Days.