Thursday, 22 September 2011

SE London attendances down

With a bumper Football-for-a-Fiver gate expected in SE7 on Saturday, it's interesting to note that gates south of the river are down at all three professional clubs. It is only four games played but with Charlton top, Palace doing much better than they finished last season and Millwall holding their own, we might have expected an improvement. 

Charlton - Average 10-11 - 15582, Average 11-12 - 14980 (Down 602 or 4%)
Palace    - Average 10-11 - 15351, Average 11-12 - 13867 (Down 1484 or 10%)
Millwall   - Average 10-11 - 12438  Average 11-12 - 12090 (Down 348 or 3%)

Sure, these gates don't yet include some of the promotional gates that all three clubs experimented with last season and Charlton have had a Sky game which reduces the gate.

So, we can expect to increase our average on last season after Saturday's bumper gate and we should be confident of, once again, remaining the biggest draw in South London.


Anonymous said...

no doubt there is some seasonality to this data... everyone is on holiday in August / start of September. Would be more interesting (and I use that term loosely) to compare gates from the same period last year...

Dave said...

Anon - good point; Charlton are 346 down against the first four game average from last year. Palace are a massive 1766 down and Millwall are up 88 (would have been many more if it weren't for the riots). Not good news for Palace when the cold weather comes and they start to slump down the table.