Sunday, 25 September 2011

Curbs' next job

This afternoon I have seen the future. I watched the QPR v Villa game on Sky. I was struck by two things; QPR don't look equipped to survive in the Premier League and they are a side full of players Alan Curbishley would love to work with.

When you consider the position Curbs has found himself in, Rangers are pretty much a top bet for him as and when Neil Warnock gets the chop. Big Al has waited forlornly for long enough for a "big club" and even he must realise now that it's not going to happen for him. He seems limited geographically to the south-east and ideally to the London. Assuming Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs are out-of-reach, and having already managed Charlton and West Ham, QPR are currently the only realistic option. When you see Luke Young and Jay Bothroyd on their team sheet, we have an immediate connection. Heider Helguson and Tommy Smith were both previous Curbs targets and Anton Ferdinand played under him at Upton Park. In Joey Barton, they have a classic Curbs signing of a bad boy who may have matured enough not to embarrass you and who still has enough talent to prove a point.

Villa were limited today in their ambition without Darren Bent and even then they should have hung on for all three points. Poorer sides will win at Loftus Road this season and the better ones will sap local morale. If Rangers find themselves in the Doo-Doo come January, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the new owner looks for someone with the experience of keeping underdogs in the top flight.

As you may be able to tell, I am looking for a diversion from Scotland's fatally narrow defeat to the Argies this morning. Not good enough Scotland and failure to qualify for the quarter-finals for the first time will mean another down-rating in world sport. Pull your socks up Andy Murray, a nation yearns for some sporting success on the world stage.


pete said...

cheer up son - they might beat England, get the bonus points etc etc then go on to win the final!!!!
Disagree about QPR, I think they'll survive in the prem, ainly because of the premiership experience Wanock has brought in. I'm predicting Swansea, Norwich and WBA to go down this season.
By the way, who is Anton Ferguson?

Anonymous said...

Tres Bien!!!

David jameson said...

What utter trash!

ChicagoAddick said...

I watched it too Dave, and thought Villa was disappointing in that they had no interest in finishing Rangers off and got what they deserved.

Whether Fernandes would choose Curbs I don't know, but it would the perfect re-entry for him.

Dave said...

David - That QPR will go down, that Curbs might be the next Hoops manager or both?

bigblue67 said...

You've always got curling at the winter olympics to look forward to!!

Dave said...

Bigblue67 - harsh but probably not far off the mark. It's not as if we have cricket to fall back on.