Monday, 1 August 2011

Farewell Robbie...

Hot on the heels of his blooper at the New Den, the rumours of Robbie Elliot's departure from the club he and his father love, appear set to be confirmed. With four keepers already at the club (Elliot, Sullivan, Pope and Gough), we have this morning announced the capture of Reading's number two goalkeeper, Ben Hamer.

I will be sad to see Elliot leave us but he has apparently been unable to agree terms to a contract extension and with Alan Pardew rumoured to be sniffing around, maybe he has decided to hold out for a shot at the big time. Whilst not on a par with the best keepers we have had, Robbie gave his all in the green or pink shirt.

Hamer presumably sees the Valley through Rose-tinted glasses, having played on loan in Exeter's 3-1 win in February in front of 24,000 fans. We have paid Reading a fee apparently and my guess is that he will make his debut on Saturday as our first-choice.

With a week to go, we can expect another signing or maybe two this week.


  1. Actually Hamer was Reading's fourth choice keeper

  2. Hamer was Reading's 4th choice keeper actually.

  3. Elliot had plenty of talent, but outside of the world of darts I've never seen a professional sportsman with his shape. You have to wonder how it has been allowed to continue for so long - it can't possibly help his goalkeeping.

  4. Neville Southall and Kevin Pressman spring to mind.

  5. Neville Southall and Kevin Pressman spring to mind.


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