Monday, 4 July 2011

Morrison next target

Michael that is, not Steve (who has already moved up in the world from the New Den). Michael Morrison is a much needed defender who only moved from Leicester to Sheffield Wednesday in January. At 23 he has close to 200 league appearances having originally broken into Cambridge United's side as 15 year old. He was part of the Leicester side that won promotion from League One as we dropped down. He can play centre-half or right-back but I guess it's as a central stopper that he is being targeted. Based upon our recent track record, his signature looks a mere formality, eh Owl-ites?

Sheffield Wednesday fans have been very vocal on the internet in recent weeks bemoaning their own clubs lack of transfer activity and holding us up as the example of the leading movers and shakers. Somehow, I don't think this move will do anything to help Valley-Hillsborough relations, although with Jose Semedo remaining a Wednesday target, they might get a little comfort if Jose hasn't got a better offer (like staying put).

I ought to add a comment about the weekends' two big sporting events. Had I walked passed a Bookie's on Saturday I would have been tempted to lump on a Haye-Nadal double. 

I was conned into shelling out £15 for the Haye hype and what a let-down. Severed Heads? Broken toe-nail more like. I would have had a better go and have been prepared to have been knocked out in the process, something David Haye wasn't prepared to risk to win the fight. His post-match quotes were embarrassing as he did everything but beg for a rematch from the "brilliant fighter" Vladimir who he was so busy pre-match telling us had stunk the heavyweight division out.

The men's Wimbleon final was an altogether better match and the first two sets were the best tennis I can remember seeing. I haven't really watched much of Djokovic before but he did just what Andy Murray can't seem to do against Nadal and that is to match the power of his returns and to go as close to the lines as Nadal does. The accuracy and power from both players made the game a base-line contest but there were plenty of brilliant rallies for all that. I couldn't help thinking of fellow-Blogger Paul Weaver as I watched (Charlton North Downs who passed away earlier this year). He was as much of a tennis fan as he was an Addick and I know he would have been glued to this.

Welling on Saturday and I will be there casting my critical eye over the Summer signings and looking for any inkling that the Renaissance has begun and that we might again look forward to a promotion season, our first in eleven years.


  1. I've seen better fights in my local. Charlton are really going for it with all the new players. Hope it pays off mate.

  2. mikydeewilliams4 July 2011 at 22:39

    You can have him. He's worse than useless.


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