Thursday, 21 July 2011

The judgement of Di Canio

There were many Charlton fans who were backing the managerial appointment of Paolo Di Canio after the sacking of Phil Parkinson. Some of those were banging on about Di Canio again when the honeymoon period ended for Chris Powell and no doubt his name will feature again at some point in the future.

Personally, Di Canio is nowhere near suitable managerial material for me. He would have been a huge gamble and I am sure things would have got interesting but he has minimal management experience and great individualist flair players rarely make good managers. Those who might argue with me over this will be having second thoughts today in the knowledge that the great man is out to secure the services of one of our players who has acquired the unfortunate nickname of McOxo. I wouldn't mind if it was a duff defender or a striker who has flattered to deceive, but Paolo, not in your own position. Certainly not your own image. I will assume you an unfamiliar with Alan McCormack and are instead backing the judgement of someone less talented than yourself. I shan't complain either if you take him off our hands and free up our wage bill so we can continue the rebuilding. Swindon are, after all, now a League Two club - a level McOxo wasn't prepared to drop down to with the Daggers?


  1. McCormack did well previously at Southend and im sure playing League 2 football next year will benefit him!
    He didn't have the best of times at Charlton but some players freeze on the bigger stage and believe that happened in this instance!!

  2. Ah! But he doesn't mind dropping to league 2 now. Following his release by 'mutual consent' eg. payoff.

  3. League One is a "bigger stage?"


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