Thursday, 28 July 2011

Jackson commits

I saw the ticker tape on Sky Sports yesterday briefly mention Johnnie Jackson and scrambled to see it reappear. For a moment my heart was in my mouth as I wrongly assumed he was transfer news. Great then to see that he has committed himself to the cause for another two years. If he can stay fit, this should be his best season yet and his goals from midfield could be the spark we need to really get firing going forward. I don't think we really appreciate just how much we missed him during the second-half of last season.

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  1. You're, wrong, mate. It's interesting that the game he went off was against Notts County. It was 0-0 at half time when he went off. They then scored, and Brad missed a penalty. (Who'd have taken the penalty if he'd still been on the pitch?) That started the slide down the table. I consider our demise as a DIRECT consequence of Jackson's injury. Delighted to see him sign a new contract, AND wearing the armband...


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