Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mikel Alonso joins

Xabi's 31 year old brother has joined us from Tenerfie. He goes into a currently congested midfield which will presumably be unburdened of Jose Semedo before much longer. Alonso may bring a bring of glamour to the current squad but he has managed less than 200 league appearances during his career and appears to have struggled to stay in favour anywhere.

He is another signing that I am not familiar with and another that looks short of expectations. I get the distinct impression that there may be short-termism about many of the signings being made and that we are again trying to throw a double-six to get out of this division on the fly. I guess we should look to the example Brighton set last season but I would feel a lot happier and be more confident if we were spending appropriate sums of money in securing players with proven track records. Having said that, I don't want us spending money we don't have and perhaps the truth of it.

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Bob Miller said...

Dave, I agree there is not too much "wow" factor in the signings to date. Let's hope there is identifiable quality found in the remaining additions, or any thoughts of promotion could be put on the back burner. That in itself would be surprising, given the stated desire of the governing bodies to move the team up to Championship play.