Thursday, 28 April 2011

Kid-free weekend!

We are meeting up with five other couples this weekend in my native Scotland. They are long-term friends and all from the Granite City, although one couple now hail from Cambridge. It's an annual event although we missed it last year due a diary clash. It's always a weekend full of care-free laughter and activity, enjoyable not least of all because we all leave our kids at home. Scottish Granny and English Nanna are sharing the load, so hopefully a few more people will also enjoy our trip!

This year we are meeting at Piperdam a leisure resort ten miles from Dundee Airport. We are flying from London City tomorrow morning and I will enjoy a 30 minute journey to the airport and a late-ish check-in. No driving and no parking charges (although the tax on the flight was more than the cost of the flight itself).

Lunch will be in Dundee city centre tomorrow before we check in and can settle into the facilities of the Las Vegas Lodge which will accommodate all of us. I have been too busy to get involved in any of the planning but I know we have a black tie casino night on Saturday which should be a great way to end a day of activity and refreshment. 

I wanted to do a good walk (maybe a Munro) but that wasn't hugely popular with the ex-footballers, some of whom have dodgy knees. Maybe I will get out for a stroll (short of a walk) before Lindsay's Big Scottish Breakfast on Sunday which will mean I have no need to eat until bank Holiday Monday, by which time I will at home in the garden.

 I hope the Royal Wedding passes off without a hitch and that you enjoy it if you watch it.Whatever you are doing, enjoy the weekend!


Hungry Ted said...

Enjoy your kid-free weekend!

My wife and I enjoyed a similar weekend just gone when the in-laws took them away camping. I love being a dad but I must confess I loved every minute of being kidless!

Kings Hill Addick said...

Have fun!

Dave said...

Thanks Hungry Ted.