Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fixture countdown...

Having dropped into the bottom-half of the table last night, or 57th as you might choose to see it, we have to seriously consider our chances of relegation. We sit ten points clear of 21st-place Walsall with 24 points to play for. We probably only need another four or five points but having managed only three from the last 33 and we will need to win again before we finish. 

Looking at our remaining fixtures, I suspect we might need to wait until the last four games of the season to get the points to secure League One football next season. This squad of players who look a yard-a-man slower under Powell and almost resigned to defeat when they play are going to have find something from somewhere. 

Leyton Orient (H)
Southampton (A)
Oldham  Athletic (A)
Huddersfield Town (H)
Bristol Rovers (A)
Rochdale (H)
Walsall (A)
Hartlepool (H)

I honestly can't see this side winning away from home and certainly not at Southampton or Oldham. Huddersfield will expect to take the points as they battle for second and Orient are probably worth a point on Saturday. That would probably leave us roughly five points above the drop but with six pointers away at Bristol Rovers and Walsall. Rochdale or Hartlepool at home could be the games that save us. Questions must be asked and answers or reassurance given.

The club couldn't promise to hold the price of season-tickets beyond the 4th April deadline and there was a very strong hint that they would be increased in the event of Championship promotion. It's getting to that point where they might have to consider a reduction on pre-April prices. For any other club in our predicament, you wouldn't seriously countenance relegation from here but we know we have to because if anyone can, we can.

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Anonymous said...

We should be OK, Dave. Even if Walsall (and/or Bristol Rovers) beat us, they will still need to pick up at least 8 points from their remaining six games, and this is doubtful (though not impossible). Then of course the other (rapidly diminishing) teams below us would also need pick up enough points to overhaul our modest total too, in order for us to fall into that bottom four scenario. I do feel that two more points will be enough.

Now if we were in Sheffield
Wednesday's position, I would be worried...!