Monday, 21 March 2011

Entirely predictable

Three thousand two hundred gloating Saints fans will arrive at the Valley to mock us tomorrow evening. The only unknown is the timing of their opening goal which will signal the start of the booing from the West, East and North as well as the crowing from the South. 

The form book suggests this could be the most predictable result at the Valley in living memory. If any Bookies are inclined to temper the odds for a Southampton victory because they are away from home, my advice is to bet what you can afford on the away win. The last eight from both sides is as follows...

Charlton         L L L L D L L L = 1 points F5, A16
Southampton  W D W L W W W W = 19 points F15, A3

For the 10,000 Charlton fans who will bother to show up, things could get heated and Chris Powell could be in for a long, hard night, as could some of his players. They will play with fear and uncertainty, knowing that every mistake will be audible. It's easy to say "get behind the team" and "never boo" at home but the fans are getting angrier at what they see as a lack of effort or concern over what they are doing or not doing in front of those who pay their wages.


Crowborough Addick said...

This is our cup final, so hopefully recent results have been due to this fixture. Lets treat this as such, both as players and fans.

Traditionally we always play much better against a quality side, it is just a case of are our players up to the task. Otherwise it will be the predicted landslide.

Terry Smith said...

Recent history proves that when Charlton fans get angry, changes usually follow. The problem is that the changes have, without fail, ultimately resulted in a further worsening of the situation. This places question marks against the people who chose and employ new managerial staff, and leaves me wondering whether a further change would be a good thing. Admittedly things are unacceptable at the moment but its hard to see anybody capable of improving things wanting to come to this club at the moment. I HATE the word stability when applied to football clubs. Stability doesn't make a bad manager good or a bad boardroom decision good. However, it prove to be a better option to just write off this season and hope for the next one.

Steve Marsh said...

It's about time Powell started playing people that give a damn. I would prefer to see a load of kids out there than what we have already. Even if they lose, at least they would try harder.

Look at Jenkinson, he has worked his socks off since getting a chance. More like him please and less like Racon, McCormack, Reid and Co.

Marco. said...

An old school mate is an avid Saints fan. He will be there tomorrow & I've advised him to place the largest bet he can realistically afford on Saints giving us a tonking.

It's likely to be the best Saints day/evening out of the season.

I'm dreading it.

Anonymous said...

I have already taken your advice and stuck em in a double with Brighton.
Also had a go at the handicap betting (saints -2)